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Budapest Spring Festival (10/04/2015 - 06/04/2015.)

The Budapest Spring Festival brings spring to Europe each year. This is a real celebration. In addition to the rich offering of music (classical, musical, jazz) and high standard dance performances on the program, unique exhibitions, a bustling festival atmosphere and comfortable hotels await the visitors. The prestige and the temperature of the event is provided by the great personalities of international artists. More info:

Budapest Pálinka and Sausage Festival (02/10/2015 - 04/10/2015 Open-air mega event)

The unique attraction of the event is the fact that 20 palinka distillers and 10 different sausage markers participate and offer thwo of the Hungarica of our country - sausages and palinka.

Formula 1 - 2015 (24/07/2015. - 26/07/2015. Sport, Hungaroring)

The 29th Formula One race awaits, as each year, its enthusiastic visitors. Numerous side-events accompany the race at the venue. The Hungaroring can be found just outside Budapest, near Mogyoród, which can be accessed by car, buses and trains. Contact Us on how to secure tickets and accomodations.

Island Festival 2015 (10/08/2015 - 17/08/2015)

The largest annually held open-air festival of the word with several hundreds of programs on the Óbuda Island in North Budapest. A part of the several ten thousand visitor live in tents on the island. Many supporting programmes: literature, theatre, gays and lesbians, human rights, green movements etc. Budapest completely transforms during this week, the number of young tourist with back-pack is multiplied.

St. Stephen's Day (20/08/2015)

The Foundation of the Hungarian State. Many century old tradition to celebrate the end of the Summer (originally it was the celebration of ‘new bread’). Parade on the Danube, concerts on water, different monumental events, the peak of which is the firework launched from top of the Gellért Hill and from the Danube in the evening of August 20. The ‘Celebration of Crafts’ program is also held during this weekend in the Royal Palace District, where craftsmen arrive from all over the country, and present their skills on site. (From tallow-chandler to blacksmith.)

Budapest International Wine and Sparkling Wine Festival (09/09/2015. - 13/09/2015. Festival, Buda Castle)

The Wine Festival has grown to become of the most prestigious and most popular events and gastronomic festivals in Central Europe, where several thousand people can learn about the culture of wine consumption.

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