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Tours Outside Budapest

Etour-budapest organizes tailor-made tours according to the personal interest of our clients.
Here you can find the most popular tours outside Budapest. We are very flexible and we can change the tours according to your wishes.
General Price information:
• We offer tours by car, by taxi or by minibus. In these cases the prices include the cost of transportation (as it stands in the program) and the guided tour with offical English speaking tourist guide.
• Walking tours (on foot and/or by public transport) are recommended from 1 to 13 persons and the prices include the cost of the guided tour with offical English speaking tourist guide.
• The prices shown in our catalogue do not include the entrance fees, the meals, and the tickets for public transport. • Please contact us for special prices for larger groups.

Szentendre (4 hours) | Danube Bend | Eger (8-10 hours) | Excursion to Hollókő (5-6 hours)
Gödöllő-Palace of Sisi (3-4 hours) | Fazenda Lázár | Excursion to the Great Hungarian Plain (Puszta) with Kecskemét (8 hours)
Excursion to lake Balaton and to Herend (9-10 hours | Visit to Győr and Pannonhalma | Visit to Sopron (and Fertőd Palace) | Visit to Pécs

Szentendre (4 hours)

Szentendre (Saint Andrew patron saint of the village) is a small, charming village at the banks of the River Danube. Its old center has got baroque houses, orthodox churches and Mediterranean atmosphere. It is often called artist’s village because lots of painters and sculptors established here for its pleasant ambiance. Here you can visit more than 2O museums (Museum of Margit Kovács, March pane Museum, Miniature Museum). We also visit a nice orthodox church with precious icons and we have a walk in village center and on the banks of River Danube. At the end, you have some free time for shopping.


  1. It is possible to make this trip to Szentendre by boat.
  2. It is possible to visit a jewel manufactory where you can see a small museum and you have the chance to buy some jewelry at a reasonable price.

By car (or by taxi): 150,-EUR/group; by minibus: 220,-EUR/group
Optional 1.: guide: 100,-EUR/group + return boat ticket : 15,-EUR/person (no car or bus costs)
Optional 2.: by car (or by taxi): 160,-EUR/group; by minibus: 240,-EUR/group

Danube Bend

During this excursion we visit three villages situated in the Danube Bend in the middle of a beautiful landscape, green vegetation, thick forests,: National Parks, second houses and hills at the banks of the Danube river /. We also visit Szentendre (the previous program), Esztergom and Visegrád.
Esztergom was the first capital of the country and the town where Saint Stephen was born. (the first hungarian king). Separated by the Danube the town has a natural border with Slovakia .. Esztergom has got the biggest cathedral of the country in classical style. It has a famous renaissance chapel, the oldest one in the country and it has a crypt which is a pilgrimage destination for the cardinal Mindszenty.
In Visegrád we climb up to a lookout tower to have a look at the best view of the Danube Bend. The program includes lunch with vine in a medieval restaurant.

  1. The visit of the castle on the top of the mountain.
  2. Return by boat.
  3. Lunch in a medieval restaurant in Visegrád.

By car (or by taxi): 280,-EUR/group, by minibus: 400,-EUR/group
Optional 1.: entrance fee of the castle: + 6,-EUR/person
Optional 2.: boat ticket (from Szentendre to Budapest): 10,-EUR/person
Optional 3.: lunch with vine : 18,-EUR/person

Eger (8-10 Hours)

A charming, baroque city founded by Saint Stephen (first Hungarian king). It has got nice buildings, an important castle and a classicist basilica. We visit the castle which was defended by women during the Turkish occupation and the interesting catacombs of the castle. We visit the basilica and have a walk in the centre of the town.


  1. Wine tasting and lunch in the valley of the „Beautiful Women”
  2. Combine the tour with visiting Egerszalok's thermal baths.
  3. Combine the tour with Gödöllő (palace of Sisi).
  4. Combine the tour with the visit to Hollókő.

By car (or by taxi): 320,-EUR/group , by minibus: 470,-EUR/group
Optional 1.: wine tasting: + 7,-EUR/person lunch: 16,-EUR/person
Optional 2.: entrance to a famous thermal bath + 10,-EUR/person
Optional 3.: entrance of the palace: + 7,-EUR/person
Optional 4.: by car (or by taxi: 350,-EUR/group by minibus 520,-EUR/group

Excursion to Hollókő (5-6 hours)

The Hungarian village, Hollókő, is situated 1OO kilometers northeast of Budapest. It forms part of the world heritage list of UNESCO. It has a nice castle on the top of a hill. The old part of the village is a real open air museum, which includes about fifty buildings and a wooden church built in the XVI. Century.

By car(or by taxi): 280,-EUR/group by minibus: 400,-EUR/group
+ entrance fee: approx. 8-10,-EUR/person

Gödöllő-Palace of Sisi (3-4 hours):

We visit the baroque palace (from the XVIII century) in Gödöllő. It was the summer residence of Franz Josef and Sisi between 1867-1916. We will tell you why the queen liked living here so much, how she spent her time here in the palace, the personality of her husband and the most interesting stories about their life. The visit includes a walk in the gardens of the palace.


  • Coffee and cake in the coffee shop of the palace.
  • Visit to the Lazár farm with lunch and with a horse show / details below

By car (or by taxi): 150,-EUR/group by minibus: 220,-EUR/group
Optional 1.: coffee and cake : 5,-EUR/person
Optional 2.: horse show and lunch: + 30,-EUR/person

Horse show in a typical farm with or without lunch (3-4 hours)

OThe Lázár brothers are world champions in coach driving. Their farm is situated 45 km from Budapest in a precious valley. During the program you can see a presentation of Hungarian horses, you will hear about traditions and you will see a show, the incredible tricks of the pastors . There is a small zoo with animals like (pig mangalica, the grey cow, the puli dog, the sheep racka, the ponies, gooses, donkeys). At the end you can have a ride on the horse driven carriages to see the countryside.

Optional: lunch at the farm

By car (or by taxi): 150,-EUR/group; by minibus: 220,-EUR/group
+ horse show and coach driving: 14,-EUR/person
Optional: lunch + 18,-EUR/person

Excursion to the Great Hungarian Plain (Puszta) with Kecskemét (8 hours)

We visit the city of Kecskemét, which is a cultural and musical city. We. Enter the Town Hall /secessionist style/ and we have a walk in the main square and in the city center (Institute of Kodály, Ornamented Palace , old synagogue, catholic churches). Then, we leave for the Puszta to look at a real horse show.

Optional: lunch at the horse farm.

by car(or by taxi: 320,-EUR/group, by minibus: 470,-EUR/group
+ horse show and a carriage trip on the countryside 15,-EUR/person
Optional.: lunch: + 15,-EUR/persons

Excursion to lake Balaton and to Herend (9-10 hours)

OLake Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe. It is 100 km from Budapest. It has 72 km and it is often called “sea of the Hungarians”.

On the Northern bank you can find the peninsula of Tihany with the benediction abbey founded in 1055. We visit the Abbey and its surroundings, lookout towers and streets. We also visit the village of Balatonfüred. It is a nice village with precious villas of the most famous poets, actors and politicians of the country. We have a nice walk at the banks and we can admire the sailing boats, ducks and swans.


  • Boat for one hour or ferry to the other side of the lake.
  • Lunch in a typical Hungarian restaurant.
  • Visit to Herend: It is the biggest porcelain manufacture in Europe where they make the precious china with typical designs like butterflies, birds, etc. It can be found 30 km from Tihany.
  • Visit to Keszthely with the palace of the Festetich family. It is a baroque palace with its furniture, paintings, and sculptors from the XVIII y XIX centuries. We can visit the museum of carriages and dolls too.
  • Visit to Héviz: It is a natural lake with hot thermal water which has curative properties. This is the most famous thermal bath in Hungary. It has had a thermal centre for 2oo

By car (or by taxi): 320,-EUR/group, by minibus: 470,-EUR/group
+ entrance fee of the abbey: 3,-EUR/person
Optional 1.: boat or ferry: 6,-EUR/person
Optional 2.: lunch: 18,-EUR/person
Optional 3.: entrance of: the manufacture 7,-EUR/person
Optional 4.: + 30,-EUR/group (by car ) or + 50,-EUR/group (by minibus);
+8,-EUR/person (entrances in Keszthely)
Optional 5.: + 30,-EUR/group (by car o + 50,-EUR/group (by minibus);
+7,-EUR/person (entrance to the thermal bath in Hévíz)

Visit to Győr and Pannonhalma

Situated half way between Budapest and Vienna. It is an important city in the northeast of Hungary. It is the richest town in the Transdanube with monuments, churches, and romantic streets. There are three rivers here therefore it is called “the town of the meetings”. We visit its cathedral where you can find „the herma of Saint Ladislao” masterpiece of Hungarian goldsmith art. We stop in the city to feel the ambiance of Győr, which is also an archbishop’s centre. We also visit the most important churches and streets.

In the afternoon we go to Pannonhalma to visit the abbey. The Abbey of Pannonhalma forms part of the world heritage and belongs to the Benedictine order. It is a cradle of the European culture in Hungary and gives place to a world famous library. The Abbey is an important cultural centre which shows one thousand years of history.


  • Visit of the vine cellar and tasting of the vine in the abbey
  • Lunch in a typical restaurant in Győr.
  • Visit of the thermal bath, Rábaquelle in Győr.

By car (or by taxi): 320,-EUR/group by minibus: 470,-EUR/group
+ entrance fee of the abbey 7,-EUR/person
Optional 1.: visit of the vine cellar and vine tasting: 6,-EUR/person
Optional 2.: lunch: 18,-EUR/person
Optional 3.: entrance fee of thermal bath: 7,-EUR/person

Visit to Sopron (and Fertőd Palace)

The ancient city is situated 220 km from the capital, near to the Austrian border. It is next to the old Rutade Amber. Its medieval center is a gem. Surrounded by medieval walls, the "faithful " city of Hungary is the second richest city in the country. We visit the historic downtown with full of monuments, churches and museums . We walk through the streets with the Fire Tower , the City Hall, the Storno House, the Church of Cabra, the palaces of the Hungarian nobility and Szechenyi Square . Lunch in a typical restaurant where you can taste the famous " Kékfrankos Sopron " wine. If required, we can eat in a new mediative center of an ancient monastery

visit the Palace of Fertőd (“Hungarian Versailles”). It was the residence of Prince Eszterházy in the 18th century . The baroque palace is filled with works of art paintings divine furniture. Haydn spent more than a decade in this palace as the composer of the Eszterházy family and gave several concerts here. It was declared World Heritage in 2001

By car ( or taxi) : 350, -EUR / group, minibus : 520, -EUR / group
+ Tickets ( House Storno and Fire Tower ): approx. 9 -EUR / person
Optional.: Fertőd visit Palace ( “Hungarian Versailles”) : entry into the palace approx. 8 -EUR / person

Visit to Pécs:

Pécs, one of the five largest cities of Hungary, is situated in the Mecsek mountains, in the southwest of the country, 200 kms from the capital and close to the border with Croatia. The main city of this region was occupied by the Romans in Roman times it was called Sopianae . It has the fifth oldest university in Europe (1367 ) , the University of Pécs . The city has the best examples of Ottoman art in Hungary, built during the Turkish occupation ( 1543-1686 ) . Places of tourist interest include the Cathedral , the Mosque of Gazi Kasim Pasha, the visitor center and Cello Septichora, the Zsolnay Museum or the Csontvary Museum.

Preços Passeio
By car ( or taxi) : 350, -EUR / group, minibus : 520, -EUR / group + entrance fees

We can also offer tours with special gastronomy experience. Please find more information here.
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